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Tim James

Tim James


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Having lived on acreages for much of my life, I sought the best residential wastewater system available in North America. I am pleased to represent Norweco®, based in Norwalk, Ohio.

Your “Go-to” Guy

As I share time between Alberta and Prince Edward Island, in these areas of Canada I am your “go to guy” for Norweco®’s affordable line of residential wastewater systems and maintenance.

The Benefits

The greatest benefit of a Singulair Green® System, over a conventional septic system, is the clean effluent (septage) departing the tank. As a rule of thumb, the drain tile field (if required at all) can be up to half the size of a field for a standard concrete tank.

This saves money, while you do your part for also preserving clean drinking water. As most properties served by onsite wastewater management also use a water well, for drinking, managing a clean water table is in everyone’s interest.

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Your home deserves an affordable and environmentally sustainable wastewater treatment system, no matter the size or difficulty of your lot. Contact us today to get a custom quote for your specific needs.

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