Singulair HK Green

Singulair HK Green is a cutting-edge technology focused on unprecedented product quality and extraordinary effluent results to protect our environment and water resources.

The Singulair HK Green wastewater treatment system is specified in areas that require significant and consistent reduction of Total Nitrogen. This hybrid system combines both suspended and attached growth biological processes to produce superior effluent results with no service requirements for 18 months. This first-of-its-kind treatment system efficiently and automatically pretreats, aerates, denitrifies, flow equalizes, and filters all influent to return the cleanest, highest quality effluent to the environment.

In ecologically sensitive areas, the most stringent effluent standards are 10 mg/L CBOD, 10 mg/L TSS, and 10 mg/L TN. The Singulair HK Green system meets or exceeds these rigid regulatory standards and is performance-certified and listed to NSF/ANSI Standards 40 and 245. The system achieved astounding certified effluent results of 3.0 mg/L CBOD, 4.4 mg/L TSS, and 7.2 mg/L TN, an 84% reduction of TN.

After operating 18 months without service, the certified effluent results were 4.0 mg/L CBOD, 6.8 mg/L TSS, and 11.5 mg/L TN, a 74% reduction of TN. The Singulair HK Green is the only system to achieve these unmatched results.

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