Bio-Kinetic® (BK 2000)

Finally, a system that can solve the problems associated with wastewater treatment plant failures and prevent problems in new installations. The BK 2000 has been developed to improve the performance and operating life of both new and existing septic tanks, aerobic systems, leach fields, sand filters, mounds, constructed wetlands, grease traps and oil interceptors. Utilizing advanced treatment methods, the BK 2000 protects domestic treatment plants from hydraulic surges, biosolids washout and organic overload without the use of electricity and with no moving parts.

The BK 2000 wastewater management system removes BOD, suspended and settleable solids from wastewater and provides chemical treatment and non-mechanical flow equalization for any treatment facility up to 2,000 gallons per day. Nine separate settling zones and three filtration zones remove and retain organic material. Installation of a BK 2000 multiplies the effectiveness of the treatment process and permanently extends the life of any effluent disposal system.

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