Simplex Pump Unit

Norweco’s pre-engineered simplex pump unit serves a variety of residential and commercial wastewater pumping needs, including effluent lift, pressure dosing, spray or drip irrigation, evapotranspiration and effluent filtration systems. Each pump station can be conveniently installed in less than three hours. The compact basin weighs less than 100 pounds and does not require heavy equipment for delivery or installation. Standard one-piece units fit most applications, with riser and ring sections available when required.

Available pumps include 115 or 230 volt, single-stage centrifugal and multiple-stage high head configurations. Pump options provide varying solids handling capability and range up to 2 horsepower in size. The power cord and float controls are pre-wired into a NEMA 6 enclosure for direct connection to the remote-mounted electrical controls. All components are easily accessible from grade and confined space entry equipment is not required for installation or maintenance.

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